Washington Wetlands

1. Common Tern On A Stick
Common Tern On A Stick

2. Juvenile Shoveler
Juvenile Shoveler

3. Baby Steps
Baby Steps

4. Learning To Wade
Learning To Wade


5. Nosing About
Nosing About

6. Stepping Out
Stepping Out

7. The Ministry Of Silly Walks
The Ministry Of Silly Walks

8. Ripplemaker


9. Reflection In The Rain
Reflection In The Rain

10. Woody

11. Fishing In The Rain
Fishing In The Rain

12. Tiddler


13. Sifting Water
Sifting Water

14. Nesting

15. Wading

16. Common Tern
Common Tern


17. Muddy Feet
Muddy Feet

18. Lake Racers
Lake Racers

19. Grey Heron Colony
Grey Heron Colony

20. Fluffy Shelduck
Fluffy Shelduck


21. Shelduck

22. Swoop

23. Slurp

24. Pocket Rockets
Pocket Rockets


25. Powering Along
Powering Along

26. Happy Gadwall
Happy Gadwall

27. Avocet Life
Avocet Life

28. Greylag Gosling
Greylag Gosling


29. On Patrol
On Patrol

30. Fluffy Duckling
Fluffy Duckling

31. Shoveler In Eclipse
Shoveler In Eclipse

32. Golden Brown
Golden Brown


33. Robin

34. Poking Around
Poking Around

35. Striding Forward
Striding Forward

36. Double Dip
Double Dip


37. Little Lapwing
Little Lapwing

38. Black Swan In The Rain
Black Swan In The Rain


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