1. Left To Rot
Left To Rot

2. Sunshine On The Tyne
Sunshine On The Tyne

3. Open Sesame
Open Sesame

4. Due East
Due East


5. Zip The Tyne
Zip The Tyne

6. Baltic Blues
Baltic Blues

7. Out Of This World
Out Of This World

8. Through The Quay Hole
Through The Quay Hole


9. Eventide

10. Baltic Quay
Baltic Quay

11. Gateshead Millennium Bridge
Gateshead Millennium Bridge

12. Millennium Boom
Millennium Boom


13. Tynescape

14. In The Blink Of An Eye
In The Blink Of An Eye

15. Hadrian's Wall Path To Dunston Staiths
Hadrian's Wall Path To Dunston Staiths

16. Dunston Staiths
Dunston Staiths


17. Down By The Waterline
Down By The Waterline

18. Quayside Fisherman
Quayside Fisherman

19. Ready For The Run
Ready For The Run

20. In The Blue Hour
In The Blue Hour


21. Emergence

22. Halo

23. The Sage By Moonlight
The Sage By Moonlight


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