Elephant Seal Vista Point

1. Cooling Off In The Shade
Cooling Off In The Shade

2. The Art of Relaxation
The Art of Relaxation

3. Fighting Over The Girls
Fighting Over The Girls

4. Handsome Brute
Handsome Brute


5. Such Sweet Innocence
Such Sweet Innocence

6. Three Fishermen
Three Fishermen

7. Brown Pelican In Flight
Brown Pelican In Flight

8. Coming In To Land
Coming In To Land


9. Shake It Off
Shake It Off

10. Just A Little More Sand
Just A Little More Sand

11. Asleep On The Beach
Asleep On The Beach

12. Slumber Party
Slumber Party


13. Western Gray Squirrel
Western Gray Squirrel

14. American Crow
American Crow


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