1. Battling The Elements
Battling The Elements

2. When The Mist Rolled In
When The Mist Rolled In

3. The King's Domain
The King's Domain

4. Kingdom


5. Seaweed And Swell
Seaweed And Swell

6. Northern Gold
Northern Gold

7. The Inlet
The Inlet

8. Dusk


9. Bamburgh And The Farnes
Bamburgh And The Farnes

10. Inner Farne
Inner Farne

11. Dusky Pink
Dusky Pink

12. My Home Is My Castle
My Home Is My Castle


13. Watching The Light Fade
Watching The Light Fade

14. Sunny Side Up
Sunny Side Up

15. Evening Glow
Evening Glow

16. Bamburgh


17. Winter Sun
Winter Sun

18. Spillage

19. Sea Swirl
Sea Swirl

20. Silent Sunset
Silent Sunset


21. Dark Battlements
Dark Battlements

22. Burn Bamburgh Burn
Burn Bamburgh Burn

23. Band Of Blue
Band Of Blue

24. Sea Of Grass
Sea Of Grass


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