1. Beak To Beak

Beak To Beak

2. King Of The Farnes

King Of The Farnes

3. Catching Some Zzzs

Catching Some Zzzs

4. Puffin Portrait

Puffin Portrait

5. Atlantic Puffin

Atlantic Puffin

6. Trio


7. Going Solo

Going Solo

8. Boyz In The Hood

Boyz In The Hood

9. At Home In The Grass

At Home In The Grass

10. Running Home With Dinner

Running Home With Dinner

11. Cute As A Button

Cute As A Button

12. The Farnes In A Frame

The Farnes In A Frame

13. Rock Hopper

Rock Hopper

14. Alone On The Rock

Alone On The Rock

15. Perched


16. Flap


17. What Are You Looking At?

What Are You Looking At?

18. Burrowing


19. Foraging


20. Hide And Seek

Hide And Seek

21. Supper Time

Supper Time

22. The Grassy Knoll

The Grassy Knoll

23. Boyz In The Hood

Boyz In The Hood

24. Grassland


25. Thousand Yard Stare

Thousand Yard Stare

26. My Best Side

My Best Side

27. Catch Of The Day

Catch Of The Day

28. Centre Of Attention

Centre Of Attention

29. In Hot Pursuit

In Hot Pursuit

30. Trouble Brewing

Trouble Brewing

31. Battle Cry

Battle Cry

32. Mwahahaha


33. Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide

Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide

34. Daylight Robbery

Daylight Robbery

35. Gliding Home

Gliding Home

36. Fresh Fish

Fresh Fish

37. Bed Head

Bed Head

38. The Laughing Puffin

The Laughing Puffin

39. Puffin In Profile

Puffin In Profile

40. Tears Of A Clown

Tears Of A Clown

41. Fish Supper

Fish Supper

42. Look What I Caught

Look What I Caught

43. Brothers In Arms

Brothers In Arms

44. Mud On The Beak

Mud On The Beak

45. Sitting Tight

Sitting Tight

46. Final Approach

Final Approach

47. Fly-By


48. Spotting His Landing

Spotting His Landing

49. Touchdown


50. Landing


51. Gently Does It

Gently Does It